Improvisations Ⅱ - diary Vol.2

音声ファイル共有サービス(SoundCloud)にてpiano diaryとして日々共有してきました。
その200曲ほどある楽曲群の中から18曲を再編集しアルバム「Improvisations Ⅱ - diary 」の第2巻としてリリースいたします。

From 2012 to 2015, musician Hiroki Saitoh shared improvised piano pieces via SoundCloud,
under the title of "piano diary".
Some of these works were used in adverts such as TV commercials as well as in a film and a theatre production.
Among around 200 tracks of "piano diary", 18 pieces were selected, re-edited and released as an album, "Improvisations II - diary, Vol.2".

All music by hiroki saitoh
Recorded & masteried by soundscape design lab
Design by koyuki inagaki
Art work photo by ooki jingo

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