Nature Sleep Sounds produced by Aya Aiba


This is a collection of Nature Sleep Sounds produced by Japan's first pediatric sleep consultant,
Aya Aiba. Every sound is recorded organically from beautiful iconic scenes of Japan.
These nature sounds creates a sense of secureness and makes a comfortable sleep environment.
A Total of 10 nature sleep sound includes brown noise for babies which mimics the wound and helps them sleep soundly.
Other natural sounds are waterfalls,rivers, and forests which calms the soul to get a good nights sleep for babies,
children and adults. Listen to these natural soothing sounds of Japan which will take you into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed.

Produced by Aya Aiba (Sleeping Smart Japan K.K.)
All soundscape Recording by Hiroki Saitoh (Soundscape Design Lab)
Directed, mastered by Soundscape Design Lab
Art work by Keita Minami

Special thanks to:
Kazuma Yamauchi
Nagisa Isono
Daisuke Kirihara
Daisuke Suwa

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